Christians, Homosexuality, & Same-sex Marriage

Posted: September 16, 2012 in Christians & Culture, Homosexuality & Same-Sex Marriage, Politics

Sexual Revolution Booklet

What does the Bible say about homosexuality? Did Jesus say anything about homosexuality? Should Christians concern themselves with the politics of same-sex marriage? Are Christians hateful and intolerant to the LGTB community? Did Jesus really say that we are not to judge? What is the government’s role in the same-sex marriage debate?

This booklet was written to help Christians develop a proper Christian response to homosexuality and same-sex marriage.

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Sexual Revolution Booklet

Jordan Tong

  1. As someone the Lord saved out of a homosexual lifestyle of over 40 years, I think this booklet is instructional, invaluable and truly edifying. The church in America overall does not know how to properly address the issue of homosexuality and same sex-marriage so booklets like yours go a long way in helping educate the ignorant, enlighten the uninformed and encourage those to are informed and want to reach out to the homosexual with the GOOD NEWS of salvation through Jesus Christ. God bless you!

    • Jordan Tong says:

      Thanks for the kind response! I am thankful you are a testimony to the grace of God.

      • Thank you for your reply Jordan. I have recommended your book to many people and a number of people have told me they have either downloaded it or are going to and the word so far is a good one. The people who reached out to me about your book who have read it were really blessed and encouraged by it. They are members of Christian groups in LinkedIn. So, praise God for what you have written and have done to help the church deal with the very timely and sensitive issue of homosexuality and same-sex marriage. Have the Hope! Keep the Faith! Share the Love! Jesus is returning soon. God bless!

  2. James Findlayson says:

    Polygamy not in the Bible? Why did Martin Luther not have any problems with it, then?

    “A man is not absolutely forbidden to have more than one wife ; I could not prevent it, but certainly I should not counsel it…Yet I would not raise the question but only say, that, should it come before the sheriff, it would be right to answer that we do not reject the example of the Patriarchs, as though they were not right in doing what they did, as the Manicheans say.”

    De captivitate babylonica, 1520

    He also defended bigamy to Briick, in 1524, and argued scripture did not forbid it in his Latin Theses of 1528.

    • Jordan Tong says:

      The booklet does not say polygamy is not in the Bible, but rather the Bible does not condone or approve of it. As for Luther, I would have to disagree and follow his model of Solo Scriptura. The Bible describes the actions of the Patriarchs, both good and bad, but never promotes or approves of polygamy that I am aware of. The Biblical model (Gen. 1&2, Matt. 19, Eph. 5, Prov. 5-7, etc.) seems to be monogamous relationships between one man and one woman. I will be honest that polygamy in the Bible is not something I have exhaustively studied, but I do feel strongly that a one woman, one man model for marriage seems to be the principle laid out in Scripture.

  3. Jordan, I applaud your interest and effort in this timely, delicate, and potentially divisive subject. However, I was disappointed in the superficiality of the information.

    Likely, my expectations could not be addressed in a booklet format. The more liberal views on this subject are backed up by much more exhaustive scriptural studies and looking at the original languages in the context of the culture in which they were written. For example, looks very likely to me- just from my own investigation- that the term from which we get the modern day word,eunuch, originally referred to homosexual men ( or any man who was not inclined or able to propogate the human species).

    Have you done any further, more in depth studies on the subject ?
    Thanks, Star**

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