Resources: Dealing w/ Doubt as a Christian

Posted: May 16, 2014 in Apologetics, Christian Living, Doubt

??????????????????Doubts about your faith can be one of the most painful experiences for the Christian. When the waves of questions and uncertainties come crashing in, your emotions and faith can be violently tossed about. From some, doubts have led to unbelief and eventually full-blown apostasy. However, for others, doubts have drawn them closer to God and ultimately strengthened their faith. As a Christian, you obviously want the latter, but how can you ensure that your doubt will draw you into a deeper faith? How can you guard your soul against the damnable sin of apostasy? In order to do this, there are many questions you need to answer. What is doubt? Is it sin? What is causing my doubt? What type of doubt am I dealing with: emotional, factual, or volitional? Is doubt good or bad? How do I talk with others about these embarrassing issues I am facing? Does doubt mean that I am not a Christian?

In order to answer these questions, check out some of the resources below.


  • Dealing with Doubt and The Thomas Factor, both by Gary Habermas, have been very helpful books for me to read. If you do not want to spend the money for the book, you can print a free copy from his personal website here.
  • God in the Dark by Os Guinness is a great book, identifying 7 species of doubt and how to deal with them. This is a great diagnostic manual for the doubter.
  • Doubting by Allister McGrath is a short but helpful read.
  • The End of Our Exploring by Matthew Anderson is a great read on the art of questioning well. How can you deal with questions and doubts in a Christlike manner?


  • Micheal Patton’s blog has been very helpful for me during my times of doubt. He is solid theologically, but blogs in a very personal manner. He can relate with your pain and sometimes that is all we need to get back on the road to improvement. He has written extensively on doubt and I strongly encourage you to check out his work.
  • Here is a great post on how to honor God in the midst of your doubts.
  • An article about faith, doubt, and certainty.




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