Purpose: The purpose of this blog is to help Christians think more carefully about their faith and convictions. Additionally, I hope to offer up clear Christian thinking regarding ALL of life, for ALL truth is God’s truth.

About Me:

  • Identity – My primary identity is being a Christian. I have been created by God and saved and forgiven by Jesus Christ. My identity is found “in Him.”
  • Family – I am happily married to my wife, Sarah, and we have three children and one dog – a golden retriever named Jersey.
  • Education – I have a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Tennessee Tech University and am currently pursuing an MA Apologetics from Biola.
  • Profession – I am the President and co-owner of Frantz Building Services, a facility services contractor. http://www.frantzbuilding.com
  • Personal – I enjoy reading, writing, exercising, fishing, and hanging out with my family.
  • Passion – I am passionate for truth and then applying that truth to life. I desire to see the truth of the Christian worldview applied to ALL of life – business, politics, family, marriage, education, etc. Christianity is not a “church thing” or a “spiritual thing”; it is a life thing. In order to advance the cause of truth, we must tear down and destroy false thinking and false beliefs. Additionally, we must have good reasons for our own beliefs. I hope to provide both.

My Story: I grew up in a Christian home, went to a Christian school, and lived out my childhood in the belt buckle of the Bible belt. I was a “good” kid but rebelled in my teenage years from the moral standard I had been taught – not rejecting it, but rebelling against it. After college and getting married, I returned to my spiritual roots because I knew this was the right thing to do. I considered myself a Christian (and maybe I was), but soon my world was turned upside down.

I began reading very weighty Christian books such as the works of Jonathan Edwards, A.W. Tozer, John Piper, and John Bunyan. One night, while reading Bunyan, I was struck by a passage on God’s judgement, and I was filled with fear. This was an experience like no other I had ever had. It was as if someone poured a cup of terror in my body. My face went flush and I began trembling. I had grown up knowing all about God’s judgement against sin, but this experience was like no other. I laid in bed all night shaking in fear, barely able to sleep.

I began to look for assurance of my salvation, trying to be sure I was right before God. I knew all the answers, but suddenly that did not matter. The difference between knowing/believing and saving faith became painfully obvious. But my problem only got worse. As I began to search and reach for an authentic faith in Jesus (that which is required for salvation from sin & just judgement), I realized that I had to first believe in the claims that Jesus (and the rest of the Bible) made. My heart could not accept fully that which my mind did not fully accept. Therefore, before I could answer the questions about my standing before God, I had to know whether or not the Christian worldview was true. I had to rebuild all my foundational beliefs on my own.

From here I studied the existence of God, the authenticity and reliability of the Bible, the problem of evil, the person of Jesus, the resurrection, and a host of other issues central to Christianity. I wanted to be certain it was true. These were dark times, times I would not want to relive. The emotional stress of doubt and uncertainty got so bad that it began to manifest itself physically as an anxiety disorder. I began to have extreme physical discomfort due to the internal turmoil. Nonetheless, these times were invaluable to my life and soul. I now have a confidence that Christianity is true and that my faith is authentic – true saving faith. Don’t get me wrong. I still have questions and doubts, and some days bad ones. But I now have a faith of my own, not a belief system borrowed from my parents or pastor.

Because of my story, I have a passion to help others struggling with questions regarding whether or not they have true, saving faith. Additionally, I love helping those who have questions regarding the truth claims of Christianity. Many Christians are often embarrassed to ask questions or have doubts (e.g. why should I believe the Bible, ), but this should not be the case. If Christianity is true, we should not fear questions. We should ask them expecting answers, knowing that when we get answers, our faith will be strengthened. Finally, I have a passion for talking with skeptics. I myself am skeptical, and I understand that mindset. Skeptics are often neglected by the church, yet they need/want answers as well.

Jordan Tong

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