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Rainbow-White-HouseGiven the recent same sex marriage ruling (SCOTUS) by the Supreme Court, one cannot help but be amazed at the rapid pace with which this moral and sexual revolution has happened. However, I want to challenge the moral and logical foundation this movement is based upon. The LGBT movement, along with its societal and legal implications, is built upon arguments with shaky foundations and faulty logic. Those imposing their moral will on society seem more concerned with desires and feelings than rationality and moral absolutes.

Here are a few of the primary errors in thinking committed by the supporters of the LGBT movement. (more…)

Alcohol_Should-Christians-DrinkAmong Christians, few topics are as hotly contested and polarizing as the use of alcohol. Those who abstain (teetotalers) are usually very opposed to its use, and those who partake usually find the teetotalers as legalistic Pharisees. But in my observation of these two groups, each has a tendency to fall into extremes – unhelpful and unbiblical views – furthering the divide between the drinkers and the nondrinkers. So lets take a look at these two ditches one can fall into and see how we can avoid them. (more…)

??????????????????Doubts about your faith can be one of the most painful experiences for the Christian. When the waves of questions and uncertainties come crashing in, your emotions and faith can be violently tossed about. From some, doubts have led to unbelief and eventually full-blown apostasy. However, for others, doubts have drawn them closer to God and ultimately strengthened their faith. As a Christian, you obviously want the latter, but how can you ensure that your doubt will draw you into a deeper faith? How can you guard your soul against the damnable sin of apostasy? In order to do this, there are many questions you need to answer. What is doubt? Is it sin? What is causing my doubt? What type of doubt am I dealing with: emotional, factual, or volitional? Is doubt good or bad? How do I talk with others about these embarrassing issues I am facing? Does doubt mean that I am not a Christian? (more…)

Gospel_of_Jesus'_WifeIf you check out any newsstand, religion section of a news outlet, or other media source during the Easter or Christmas seasons, you are bound to find opinions and stories about Jesus that disagree with the orthodox Christian position. “Religious news” about Christian doctrine rarely speaks of the conservative Christian position, but of some divergence from it. But this is the media, so what should we expect? However, while the culture latches on to the hype of unknowns and “what-ifs” regarding religious truth, Christians are left to make sense of their convictions in light of the supposed findings. Can their faith withstand the new claims? Are these new claims valid? Do we tackle every claim or just ignore them all? Since these claims often threaten the very foundations of our worldview, they cause many to doubt or question the certainty of their faith. (more…)

debateBelow you will find part 2 of my debate with local Owensboro atheist and founder of the Owensboro Humanists, Matt White. In the previous podcast, we discussed issues of God’s existence, atheism accounting for the universe, and moral objectivity. In part 2, I answer why Christian’s live by faith and what that means. I also tackle the question of why I believe the Bible to be the Word of God. Additionally, Matt answers a question from me on how his worldview can account for free will and rationality. (more…)

debateAbout two weeks ago, I engaged in a debate with Matt White, an atheist from here in my city of Owensboro. We had dialogued in the past about numerous topics and he invited me to be a part of his podcast for the local humanist group. The debate was not really a formal debate, but more of a discussion or dialogue. We each opened by giving our story of why we believe (or disbelieve) and then we each posed three questions to the other, challenging their worldview or some aspect of it.

I want to be clear that I am did enjoy the discussion and Matt was gracious, kind, and humble in our discussion. It is always refreshing to engage in civil dialogue, even when our views are worlds apart and the implications dramatic. The audio below is for part one of the debate and covers our introductions and two questions each. Part two will be posted once I receive a copy of the audio from Matt. (more…)

Mental HealthThe Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders put out by the American Psychiatric Association attempts to categorize all mental disorders. Over the decades, this manual has grown in both size and scope. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, over 26% of the adult population suffers from a diagnosable mental disorder.[1] Americans are being diagnosed with mood disorder, anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bi-polar disorder, and others. Not only are we being diagnosed with these disorders, but many are taking medications for them. Antidepressant use has increased by 400% in the last decade, making it the third most common prescription taken among adults.[2] While these statistics are alarming and the causes are many, particularly troubling is the naturalistic mindset that pervades the mental health field. (more…)

EducationI am currently working on a project analyzing the worldview of naturalism and its effect on society and the Christian church. I plan to post a few blogs showing what naturalism is, and its current impact on different aspects of western culture.

OK, so what the heck is naturalism? Well, it does not mean that you love nature. Naturalism is basically the view that nature is all that exists. There is no god, no supernatural, and no immaterial realities. Imagine the universe as a box. Everything that exists, exists in the box, and nothing exists outside the box. The universe is basically a cause and effect machine comprised of matter and energy. In the words of Carl Sagan, “The universe is all there is, all there was, and all there ever will be.” Accompanying this view is the lack of objective morality, purpose, design, or end goal in the world. (more…)

question_head5A very hidden problem many Christians face is doubt. Doubt is the kind of problem you don’t want others to know you are having, for fear they will start treating you as an unbeliever or an apostate. “What! You are doubting God? You are doubting the inspiration of the Bible?” Well, many Christians do struggle with these issues, along with a host of others. Common questions may include: How can I know that I am a Christian? How can I know that Christianity is true? Why should I trust the Bible? How can I know God will forgive me? How do I know another religion is not true? This list could go on and on and on. (more…)

poached-eggs-aThe word “religion” carries with it many overtones – mostly negative in our culture. Religion is often considered merely a private affair with no place in the world outside the individual. The motto of the day is “If it works for you, that’s great.” But Christianity is not just some collections of teachings and saying that we apply to make our life better or to help us cope. It is not some story to convey a greater truth. Rather, Christianity is rooted in history, in the person of Jesus Christ.

Christianity arose in Jewish soil 2000 years ago because of the life, death, and resurrection of one man, Jesus. If Jesus is not real, if he is a myth, then there is no Christianity. The word Christianity literally means “Christ follower.” So if there is no Christ to follow, there is no Christianity. (more…)