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School-Choice-700x466-1January witnessed a massive shift in the balance of power both in this state and at the Federal level as Republicans gained control in both. One thing is certain; we will all be confronted with new ideas and change. One such topic that seems to be making both national and state headlines is education, and in particular, alternate forms of delivering and paying for that education.

Before I offer opinions on these school choice ideas, let me extend a word of gratitude to our current educators. I believe teachers are some of the greatest people in the world doing a massively important job. We owe so much of our lives and successes to great teachers who taught and inspired us along the way. Regardless of the institution (public, private, or homeschool), you will find many great teachers. Sure, there are bad apples in each, but by and large teachers care about the well-being and success of the children under their care. They are deserving of our thanks and praise! (more…)

Rainbow-White-HouseGiven the recent same sex marriage ruling (SCOTUS) by the Supreme Court, one cannot help but be amazed at the rapid pace with which this moral and sexual revolution has happened. However, I want to challenge the moral and logical foundation this movement is based upon. The LGBT movement, along with its societal and legal implications, is built upon arguments with shaky foundations and faulty logic. Those imposing their moral will on society seem more concerned with desires and feelings than rationality and moral absolutes.

Here are a few of the primary errors in thinking committed by the supporters of the LGBT movement. (more…)

antidepressants_1673710cI have written in the past on the topic of anxiety and depression and have touched on the use of medication. However, I want to discuss the issue a little further, giving my thoughts on what I believe is a proper Christian perspective of the use of anti-depressants. I hope to answer such questions as: Is anti-depressant use sinful? Does sound science support the “low-serotonin” hypothesis? What causes depression? When is medication ok? What are the spiritual dangers of medication? (more…)

blue collarHow many times have you heard someone say, “You need to go to college so you can get a good job and make good money.” I think there are all sorts of issues with this statement, but before I expound, let me share with you a problem I believe is continually getting worse – a lack of skilled trades labor. A 2013 article by Forbes magazine places a spotlight on this growing problem. Here is an excerpt.

“For the last three years, according to ManpowerGroup, the hardest segment of the workforce for employers to staff with skilled talent hasn’t been registered nurses or engineers or even web developers. It’s been the skilled trades – the welders, electricians, machinists, etc. that are so prevalent in manufacturing and construction. But if these skilled-trades workers are difficult to find now, as Manpower’s survey indicates, just wait a few years. The skills gap is likely to become more acute. If the skills shortage is debatable today,” economic development consultant Brian Kelsey wrote last year, “it likely won’t be at some point in the future.”[1] (more…)

educationBefore you read any further, please know this post is not meant to condemn Christian parents who send their kids to public school. Every family is facing different life circumstances, and I am not in a position to levy judgment against anyone. That being said, I strongly believe there are serious problems for Christians to consider regarding public schools. So while I am not in a position to judge your specific situation, I do think these concerns should not be shrugged off as some extreme and unreasonable position. They are legitimate concerns all Christian parents should consider and allow to shape their educational decisions. (more…)

IncomeAn article recently appeared in the news written by Robert Reich, professor at UC Berkeley, titled, “The 4 biggest right-wing lies about inequality.” A copy of the article can be found here. He said America is “heading toward levels of inequality not seen since the days of the 19th-century robber barons” and the conservatives are lying about the situation. The lies he cited are as follows. (1) The rich and CEOs are America’s job creators. So we dare not tax them. (2) People are paid what they’re worth in the market. So we shouldn’t tamper with pay. (3) Anyone can make it in America with enough guys, gumption and intelligence. So we don’t need to do anything for poor and lower-middle-class kids. (4) Increasing the minimum wage will result in fewer jobs. So we shouldn’t raise it. Additionally, Reich, obviously against what he perceives as a widening inequality gap, says the situation can be reversed, but it will take bold political steps, which I’m sure he endorses. Here are a few responses to his thoughts. (more…)

pornaddictionPorn addiction is real and it is rampant; and statistics have shown us that those who attend church are not exempt. Addiction rates are about equal for those who attend church vs. those who don’t. And let’s face it, porn addiction kills. It is ruining marriages, leading to sexual abuse, and enslaving millions. An LCSW counselor recently told me that the brain of a porn addict looks like the brain of a cocaine addict! And the problem is that this is a secret sin, rarely brought to light. Additionally, few want to even talk about it. But if you are married (male or female), you have children, or you are a teenager, you need to be educated on this issue. What does the Bible say about it? How bad can the addiction really be? How can I keep myself from falling into this sin? If I am addicted, how can I get out of my addiction and find healing? These are all great questions – ones we should be asking ourselves. (more…)

SuicideHere are the opening lines of a recent article at CNN.

“Funny, happy people do not kill themselves. It doesn’t make sense.”

That’s usually what people say. “They were such a bright light … the life of the party.” I know, because I used to say these things about my brother, Evan.

Now I know better.

Four years ago, just a few weeks shy of his 21st birthday, Evan ended his life with the intention of forever ending his pain. And I am left with blood on my hands. My misconceptions about suicide have made me an accomplice.

The story seems to go something like this: a teenage boy who had everything going for him – great personality, funny, athletic – began to battle depression of some sort. This turned into anger, internal darkness, confusion, and the eventual taking of his life. For the full story of Evan, you can read the original article here. (more…)

debateBelow you will find part 2 of my debate with local Owensboro atheist and founder of the Owensboro Humanists, Matt White. In the previous podcast, we discussed issues of God’s existence, atheism accounting for the universe, and moral objectivity. In part 2, I answer why Christian’s live by faith and what that means. I also tackle the question of why I believe the Bible to be the Word of God. Additionally, Matt answers a question from me on how his worldview can account for free will and rationality. (more…)

debateAbout two weeks ago, I engaged in a debate with Matt White, an atheist from here in my city of Owensboro. We had dialogued in the past about numerous topics and he invited me to be a part of his podcast for the local humanist group. The debate was not really a formal debate, but more of a discussion or dialogue. We each opened by giving our story of why we believe (or disbelieve) and then we each posed three questions to the other, challenging their worldview or some aspect of it.

I want to be clear that I am did enjoy the discussion and Matt was gracious, kind, and humble in our discussion. It is always refreshing to engage in civil dialogue, even when our views are worlds apart and the implications dramatic. The audio below is for part one of the debate and covers our introductions and two questions each. Part two will be posted once I receive a copy of the audio from Matt. (more…)