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Gospel_of_Jesus'_WifeIf you check out any newsstand, religion section of a news outlet, or other media source during the Easter or Christmas seasons, you are bound to find opinions and stories about Jesus that disagree with the orthodox Christian position. “Religious news” about Christian doctrine rarely speaks of the conservative Christian position, but of some divergence from it. But this is the media, so what should we expect? However, while the culture latches on to the hype of unknowns and “what-ifs” regarding religious truth, Christians are left to make sense of their convictions in light of the supposed findings. Can their faith withstand the new claims? Are these new claims valid? Do we tackle every claim or just ignore them all? Since these claims often threaten the very foundations of our worldview, they cause many to doubt or question the certainty of their faith. (more…)

pharisees2 Have you ever wondered why Jesus had the disputes he had with the Pharisees? Who were these guys? What about the Sadducees? Was it the Romans that crucified Jesus? Or was it the Jews? What did the high priest have to do with it? Why did Jewish culture of Jesus’ life look so different from that which we read in the Old Testament?

So many of these important questions are answered by the history that precedes the life of Christ. Yet so many of us have no understanding of that history; therefore, we are somewhat ignorant of Jesus’ interactions with the Jews. If we can’t understand what was going on during the 1st century BC & AD, we will be limited in our understanding of Jesus’ life. So here is a brief history lesson. (more…)