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Rainbow-White-HouseGiven the recent same sex marriage ruling (SCOTUS) by the Supreme Court, one cannot help but be amazed at the rapid pace with which this moral and sexual revolution has happened. However, I want to challenge the moral and logical foundation this movement is based upon. The LGBT movement, along with its societal and legal implications, is built upon arguments with shaky foundations and faulty logic. Those imposing their moral will on society seem more concerned with desires and feelings than rationality and moral absolutes.

Here are a few of the primary errors in thinking committed by the supporters of the LGBT movement. (more…)

Alcohol_Should-Christians-DrinkAmong Christians, few topics are as hotly contested and polarizing as the use of alcohol. Those who abstain (teetotalers) are usually very opposed to its use, and those who partake usually find the teetotalers as legalistic Pharisees. But in my observation of these two groups, each has a tendency to fall into extremes – unhelpful and unbiblical views – furthering the divide between the drinkers and the nondrinkers. So lets take a look at these two ditches one can fall into and see how we can avoid them. (more…)

In response to a question regarding the meaning of life, a person recently responded, “I don’t think there is a right way and a wrong way to live life. There is whatever works for you.” This relativistic mindset has become the new commandment of modern western culture, relegating all moral principles to personal preference. Do whatever works for you, but do not judge me by your standard. I will decide what is right for me. As relativism infiltrates every area of culture, it is incumbent upon responsible citizens to evaluate this philosophy and determine its truthfulness and impact upon society. Are there objective morals or are truth and morality dependent upon the whims and opinions of individuals? If subject to the individual, what are the ramifications? (more…)