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School-Choice-700x466-1January witnessed a massive shift in the balance of power both in this state and at the Federal level as Republicans gained control in both. One thing is certain; we will all be confronted with new ideas and change. One such topic that seems to be making both national and state headlines is education, and in particular, alternate forms of delivering and paying for that education.

Before I offer opinions on these school choice ideas, let me extend a word of gratitude to our current educators. I believe teachers are some of the greatest people in the world doing a massively important job. We owe so much of our lives and successes to great teachers who taught and inspired us along the way. Regardless of the institution (public, private, or homeschool), you will find many great teachers. Sure, there are bad apples in each, but by and large teachers care about the well-being and success of the children under their care. They are deserving of our thanks and praise! (more…)

A Poem for My Wife

Posted: May 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

SarahSarah Tong my lover, my helpmate, my best friend
Her excellence among the rest, this I will defend
Her tender touch can calm me, relieve my stress and fear
When I am feeling down and out, it’s her I long to near
To her I give my life, to her my love is due
A gift of grace from my God, this I know is true
Her children, truly blessed ones, will treasure when they’re grown
The love and grace of momma, the happiness of home
Our house contains a warmness, peace and love and joy
Despite the constant messiness, diapers, screams, and toys
Tenderness and kindness, crown her lovely head
Tireless, she works all day, from morning until bed
Selfless acts, thoughtful giving, these she does display
A diamond necklace round her neck, could not her works repay
Sarah Tong my lover, my helpmate, my best friend
From now until my dying day, to you my heart I rend

Happy Mother’s Day,

Your blessed husband