Here are some free resources that I have created, found, or been given. Feel free to use them.

Sexual Revolution Booklet – A guide to clear Christian thinking about homosexuality and same-sex marriage.

50 Factors That Affect Nations – Here is an excellent overview by Wayne Grudem of the factors that contribute to the disparity between thriving and impoverished nations.

Extra-Biblical Sources of Jesus – Here are two pages filled with numerous extra-biblical, secular documentation of Jesus.

The Kalam Cosmological Argument – A paper written defending God’s existence based upon the impossibility of an actual infinite. Interesting reading for math-brained and technically oriented people.

Science and Religion – Conflict or Coherence? – An examination of the relationship between science and religion, showing the complicated nature of the two fields.

Role of the Mosaic Law – How are Christians to relate to the Mosaic Law? How are we to deal with the strange laws found in Leviticus?

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